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Have you ever wondered what it is actually like to be a part of a fashion editorial shoot team and to have a chance at having your images published in a top fashion magazine? Now is your chance.

Join Bruce Smith (internationally published fashion photographer) on one of these location fashion photography editorial shoot workshops in Europe during 2017.

We will be working with top fashion magazines, a renowned magazine creative director and a fashion editor in chief on-line mentoring, along with some fashion labels you will love to shoot.

The fabulous Chateau De Clerac a stunning Napoleonic chateau near Bordeaux is the location for the next how to shoot a fashion magazine editorial, “Art Noir Fashion Photography Workshop” will be held.



There is no bun fight shooting with the models and shooting a model that is being shot and directed by another photographer is not allowed at any time during the workshop.   Bruce will explain this in greater detail when you arrive.

Some key factors about these fashion workshop shoot productions


A taste of the pro fashion photographers life. Read more:

An informative description of how Bruce Smith uses his fashion and nude photography lighting techniques, produces and finishes his fashion and fine art nude photographers images. Become a member of Bruce’s newsletter list to receive links to these “How it is done” articles also to keep up to date with the latest re Bruce’s personal projects, fashion and fine art nudes photography workshops and courses.


How to light, shoot and do some simple quick post production in Photoshop for a beautiful sensual fine art nude photographic portrait with a touch of old wet photography darkroom techniques.



How it is done one:

Bruce loves to capture the inner sensuality of his female subjects in his fine art nude portrait photography from which he creates beautiful photographic works of art that  reflect the deepest feminine sensuality and sexuality.

He is only available by special appointment to create these genres of photography, either at his home studio in a stunning French Napoleonic chateau near to Bordeaux, or at the studios and locations that he loves in Paris, St Tropez, Monaco, Ibiza, London, St Morritz or in Marbella.

It is possible for Bruce to come and photograph your loved one or you in your own home or at any location around the world that suits you.

Bruce specialises in fine art nudes also in photographing high fashion, couture, bridal wear, lingerie and swimwear photography assignments at some amazing locations around the world for some top names in fashion, including shooting super models and movie stars.

Listen to interviews with Bruce Smith: Interview One: Up close and personal. Interview two: An in depth talk about Bruce’s fine art photography book “130k words in pictures”

Bruce would love to capture the inner beauty of yourself or your loved one, so why not take advantage of his creativity and his many years of photographic experience and commission Bruce to shoot your fine art nude portrait for you.

We provide sensual fashions for our clients shoots all created by special request from some of the top erotic lingerie and fashion designers in Paris. Our team of fashion stylist and hair and make up artists will help with creating the looks and erotic fashion wardrobe selection for your fine art nudes photography session.

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 See more images and about erotic fine art nude portrait photographer Bruce Smith

A chauffeur driven limousine can be arranged for transfers from and to Bordeaux airport or Saint Jean railway station, please advise when booking if you require this service.

Photographic session fees vary slightly for a full days shoot at the chateau studio near to Bordeaux. There will be extra fees to cover any post production processes needed to produce your finished fine art nude prints and framing also for the creative team members that will be working with you such as our fashion stylists and hair and make up artists.

Please see prices page for booking and typical day rates and image finishing and styling team costs involved in producing your erotic fashion or fine art nude photography portrait.

The shoot fees include accommodation (full board), a fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner with champaign and lovely local wines for up to 2 people staying in a shared room for one night at the chateau.

If you wish him to travel to your home or any location around the world there will be travel time, travel expenses and accommodations costs.

Please contact Bruce directly to talk through your fine art nude portrait photography shoot at or telephone +447904485253.



One of the shrewdest investments I’ve made in my photography training was a residential workshop with fashion photographer Bruce Smith, author of Pro Digital Fashion Photographyand Black and White.

Inspired by ground-breaking greats like Cecil BeatonNorman ParkinsonDavid BaileyHorst P. HorstIrving Penn and Richard Avedon, Bruce is a master of location, light and story-telling – and is especially known for his great directing rapport with models.

I booked his workshop as the ultimate ‘sink or swim’ experience – to stretch my skills to the limit and find out what I could really achieve under pressure, and in the company of other students who I suspected would have far more experience (and kit!) than me. (And they certainly did!)

Working with Bruce in a live shooting scenario at privately-owned stately home Prestwold Hall, with top designers, couture fashion pieces and a pro team of models, styling, make-up and hairwas a real eye-opener for me into the planning and mechanics of a successful commercial shoot.

Bruce is an expert in how to put together and manage a productive, creative team.  His 35 years of experience in the industry have taught him how to bring all the elements together and plan ahead, but then to think on the fly and solve problems quickly and efficiently when things (inevitably) do not go quite as expected.

I learned so much on this workshop – identifying all the gaps in my knowledge.  Finding my own weak spots helped me to gain hugely in confidence, as I knew what areas to work on in the future to help me improve.  The most important thing was to trust in myself and have faith in my ideas.

I proved to myself that it is definitely not all about the kit, when my shots were picked up and published by designers SparklewrenJacq Brill, and Chantal Mallet and selected by Belinda Chorley of Beyond Burlesque to feature in an ad in Brides Magazine.

It was so exhilarating yet nerve-wracking to be stretched, working alongside other photographers with so much more experience than me.  I have continued to be inspired by the meteoric career progress of fellow students including Brazilian-born glamour photographer Eveline Bueno, Brighton & Hove wedding photographer Vicky Lamburn and Kuwait-based beauty photographer and retoucher Adnan Kamal.

Bruce’s tips on idea generation, location scouting, shot-planning, set lighting, vibe creation, flow-posing and rapport-building come with me on every shoot I’ve done since.

Find out more about his unique workshops at the Bruce Smith Academy.

Here are a few images from my latest bridal wear fashion photography shoots that have been produced in Paris, Europe and the UK.

Looking forward to the next assignment for the UK bridal wear designer Lyn Ashworth hopefully during the early summer.

If you are a bridal wear or ladies couture fashions designer in Europe, especially Paris, I would love to shoot your next fashion collection either on location or in my studio which is based in Paris or on location at the Chateau de Clerac near Bordeaux or we can arrange a shoot production any where in Europe.


More samples of my fashion photography on my website:

Fashion or Nudes Photography Workshops

Fashion or Nudes Photography Courses

Fashion or Nudes Photography Master classes

If you are wanting to beak into shooting fashion or fine art nudes photography.  I have designed several photography courses, private fashion or nudes photography master classes, group photographers weekend photography workshops in fine art nudes or fashion photography,  online mentored how to shoot a fashion magazine editorial story course. Free fashion photography course.

Taking the big steps to becoming a professional photographer can be a scary step to take. A question we often ask ourselves: Am I good enough to learn how to become a professional fashion photograp…

Source: The steps to becoming a top fashion photographer.

Taking the big steps to becoming a professional photographer can be a scary step to take.

A question we often ask ourselves: Am I good enough to learn how to become a professional fashion photographer?

We all carry fashion-photography-booksfears and doubts about our abilities that can and do often stop us from fulfilling our dreams.

I have created my photography courses, workshops and master classes to  help you to build the confidence that you need in yourself and give you the professional skills and industry knowledge that you need to get you ready to take the big step to your dreams that many of my former photography courses students have already taken.

My First Fashion Photography Shoot Assignment

I took the image bellow during my first commissioned paid fashion shoot in 1983.  I was terrified but I over came the fear and have never looked back. The responses to this image are still creating work for me today.


Image was shot with available light coming through windows right reflected back onto models side with 4x4ft white poly-boards at 11am in an east facing ball room in the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool.

Camera: Bronica 645

Film: FP4

Client: Helen Anderson

Model: Angela Saron (did her own make up)

Published in: Avant Guarde Fashion Magazine

If I had not taken the step in 1983 who knows where I would be now but I can tell you there is no journey I would like to take instead of the journey of fashion photography that has been my life for 40 years.


Fear of being good enough:

A big problem we often have is the fear of being good enough, a feeling that most of us have felt. Have you ever asked yourself, Am I good Enough?  I say you are.

Read more:

Paris fashion photographer and fine art nudes photographer Bruce Smith.





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How to photography models.  Camera and lighting skills and tips for shooting models.

How to photography models. Camera and lighting skills and tips for shooting models.

Tell Me How I Lit This Images And Receive A Free Fashion Photography Course



He specialises in shooting high fashion photography assignments in Paris.


Bruce has loved Paris for as long as he can remember, stemming back to his first trip there on his honeymoon.


After producing many fashion photography shoots there, for which he has explored many areas around Paris, he decided it is time to base his fashion photography business there.


If your looking for an experienced professional with over 30 years of fashion shoot production assignments under his belt, get in touch, Bruce would love to hear about your next fashion shoot.


His main specialist genres of fashion are, haute couture, high profile bridal wear gowns, swimwear, lingerie and high fashion.

For his personal work Bruce loves to shoot fine art and erotic fashion and nudes.

He does accepts private commissions to shoot nudes and fine art boudoir portraits.

More information about commissioning Bruce to shoot your portrait, fashion, nude or boudoir portrait.


Source: About Paris Fashion Photographer Bruce Smith

In the words of a student of one of these wonderful fashion photography courses and fine art nude photography courses run by Bruce Smith.

“Some things you just can’t learn from fashion or fine art nude photography How To Shoot Books, Youtube Videos or DVD’s”

I could have bought all the fashion and figure photography books on Amazon, and not learned what I did in a few days with Bruce, which he himself learned from decades of successful work in the industry. In September 2015 I joined Bruce in a chateau near Bordeaux, France for a four-day, one-to-one workshop in ‘sensual fashion.’ We had two models, an excellent hair and make-up artist, and a photogenic, characterful location. By the end, without doubt, the course had left an indelible mark on my stylistic development and competency as a photographer, for which I’m very grateful.

Bruce is obviously an accomplished photographer and renowned authority.

He is also an excellent instructor and personable coach—an invaluable combination. Much of what I learned from him was through his selflessly attentive coaching: unique feedback about how I performed in the situations he’d set up with the models, location and brief.


Irreplaceable and empowering.

Bruce broke down technical issues in straightforward language, and could immediately see and explain what I was doing and how it could be improved.

I grew a lot as a photographer over just a few days. By the end, he shadowed me on shots that I set up. I decided to take the course with Bruce to explore a part of photography I was interested in, but found very inaccessible looking at the sector from the outside.

Previously, I had started to professionalize my passion for photography, and eventually produced documentary photo essays that were later published.

As a journalistic style, this focused on observation and visual documentation of a social issue but wanting to develop in a different area of photography, to have beautiful images and to eventually become commercially viable, I looked to begin developing in fashion and figure photography.
However, my previous documentary photography skills were mismatched for fashion and figure.

Any photographer can take a pleasing photo of a model, but it requires difficult development to much higher levels if you want to break through in the industry.

To generate and capture the life and story of a shot in fashion, lingerie or figure photography, which makes all the difference between strong but mediocre shots and first rate shots which the industry expects, demands different skills from which most photographers have or think about, which are neither innate nor obvious.

So, I wanted to learn directly from an expert.

After some time with Bruce, I understand these different skills, these powerful nuances, and now have a strong foundation to continue my professional and artistic development in this area.


I learned a lot about line, shape, form and tone—as one does in all photo workshops, but more importantly—and rarely—how to control the situation, the set, natural light and human energy, to produce stunning photographs.

We never once used a studio light throughout the course, focusing on natural light skills to build a better understanding of available light and how to use it to its best rather than too much emphasis on equipment.

I still have much photographic ‘testing’ ahead of me, but Bruce has guided me on the right path, and immensely grateful. The course setting was beautiful, and offered aspects for both studio and location shooting.

In a restored chateau outside Bordeaux, we shot mornings and afternoons inside and out, and had learning sessions in-between shots, over good coffee.

The hospitality was excellent, and made the experience not only highly instructive, but also relaxing and pleasurable.

I have a busy and stressful job elsewhere in the world, so it was heartening to not only learn from a master of photography, but also to enjoy good food and wine, sunshine, woods for running, and a pool to relax by.

The chateau is owned by a young European family, who also live there with a range of pets and animals; the place brimmed with life, and they made me feel part of the family whilst I was there—from scrambled eggs on toast in the morning in the kitchen, right down to wine by the fireplace in the evening.

If you’re serious about starting to break into upper-industry standards of fashion, lingerie and figure photography, are open-minded, and time is precious.

I can highly recommend you learn on a fashion and fine art nude photography workshop with Bruce in Clerac near Bordeaux, France.



Learn how to shoot it with Bruce Smith.

If you want to know how to lingerie, fine art nudes,  boudoir, erotic fashion etc etc.

Check out some of his workshops and workshops at:

Fashion and Fine Art Nudes Photography Workshops and Courses by Bruce Smith

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