Bruce Smith got his break in fashion photography by setting up a test shoot. Inspired by great photographers such as Beaton, Bailey and Lategan, he borrowed some gowns from a top fashion designer who then commissioned him. What started as a test, became a spread in one of the UKs leading fashion magazines of the time.

He built a reputation for creating ‘classic’ images in couture and bridal wear. A leading UK bridal wear couture designer then commissioned Bruce and the success of the images created a chain reaction, bringing a queue of top bridal wear and couture designers to his studio to shoot their collections.

Bruce’s classic fashion images inspired lingerie, hosiery and swimwear commissions from established and prestigious brands and an editorial shoot in Tobago led to many years of shooting high fashion around the world.

Whether advertising campaigns or catalogues, shooting in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, Bruce arranges complete production for his shoots. Sourcing the production teams, location managers, catering, transport, even helicopters and arctic supply vessels, Bruce controls all of the elements of hus high calibre shoots.

The latest direction in Bruce’s career came when one of his long-term clients suggested that he share his knowledge with others. This prompted the launch of the Bruce Smith Fashion Master Classes, in locations around the globe. Bruce’s continued success led to the completion of his comprehensive guide to fashion photography, published on both sides of the Atlantic, Pro Digital Fashion Photography.

These developments have given Bruce a truly world wide audience and an opportunity to educate and influence from a unique position of having had a genuinely successful career in fashion photography.

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