“Boudoir Portrait Photography Master Class One 2 One”

Boudoir portraits are becoming very popular and a great business sector and source of income for the portrait photographer.

Although the woman photographers seam to provide this service more and more because of their obvious understanding of the feminine sensuality this does not mean the male photographers can not learn some of these skills and understanding of feminine sensuality.

I know how to bring out the beauty in woman and how to connect with her sensuality in pictures and can teach these skills and my boudoir photography and lighting techniques that I have learned being a seasoned professional lingerie photographer.

I believe and from experience know that it is always better to learn the intimate boudoir photography skills with photographers one 2 one. 

Successful intimate portraits require a great deal of trust and confidence with your subject, skills not always apparent between photographer and subject even when you are a female photographer shooting more intimate portraits.

So why not add more emotion and a sensual look to your boudoir photography clients images by booking yourself a One2 One photography master class with me in shooting sensual boudoir portraiture.

I also teach other genre of people photography such as portraiture, fine art nudes, fashion and beauty.

Check out my workshops, courses and master classes website 1-2-1 page.


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