Im all packed, double checked all of my paper work, etc etc.  Hopefully Ill have a smooth trip.  I have so much kit to cart around in taxis, trains, taxis, taxi and through airports so Ive packed my kit as economically as is possible and to ensure I have all of the essential kit that I need but don’t excede my baggage allowance.  

I did have a major problem to deal with a few days ago that has been resolved now after hours of calls and messages to and from a model agency and my client, whom happened to be away on holiday, so I did not get replies to urgent messages until it was almost too late, but all is well that ends well.  Ill not go into it now because its bad energy that can stay behind me.  

This morning I will finalize a couple of bits of administration then off to catch the train at midday after an hour just relaxing and getting my head around the 48 hour journey from home to Nha Trang.   

For those interested, I will show you and list all of the kit that I am taking when I arrive and Aqmal my assistant unpacks it all and lays it out ready for our first day shooting on 20th.

I will also be going over the whole pre production process from the initial calls re being commissioned to shoot for this client a third time. 

To be continued as my journey progresses.  bye for now.